Please join us for Boundless Psyche, Timeless Soul: Enhancing Psychological Well-Being
With Direct Experiences of Spiritual Realities
19 Interviews No Cost
Online Summit - April 24-28, 2024
Being Here Now:
Grounding and Centering for Enriched Soulful Living

With Dr. Lori Hops and Dr. Stacy Dicker https://boundless-psyche-summit

 model, is addressing challenges & transforming the fields of healing & development!

Want Live Interactive Practice to move energy with words? 
Enroll in Logosynthesis and Self-Coaching.  
Facilitated by Lori Hops, Ph.D. Logosynthesis Practitioner and Instructor

Online six hour workshop. Three meetings of two hours each.
Learn how to apply the principles and techniques of Logosynthesis for your own care and wellbeing. 
Free yourself from unwanted burdens and stress in everyday life for greater vitality and energy. 
This course is for self-coaching, not psychotherapy.
$240.00 for the workshop. Paypal or check.
RSVP and for more information contact
Embodied Intuition Online Course

Faciliated by Lori Hops, Ph.D. 

Learn to interpret and use the body’s natural language of intuition to grow your intuition,

develop skills and abilities for easier living, and

sharpen your instincts for goals, relationship, work and more.

Explore blocks and obstacles to growth, so you can soar higher with your inner GPS.

Body based exercises, theory, and practices for self-growth.

Four meetings of two hours each. $320.00.

RSVP for information.

Click on the link for a 12 minute video from Lori Hops, Ph.D., DCEP

explaining how intuition can help you to thrive.

Intuition, or the still small voice, speaks to us all the time, guiding us with an inner GPS.

We just need to tune to the right station to improve our game.

Strengthen your intuitive skills by reviewing state of the art theory, research, and hands on practice.

Receive an intuitive guidance tool kit, skills to practice, resources, and connection with community.

Learn for yourself, then share with others!


Photo by Lori Hops

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Your Personal Grounding Style Using “Embodied Awareness”.

Identify your personal learning style based on sensory cues and focused attention.  You can apply this awareness to any techniques you choose..

Featuring 15 speakers from around the world offering advice and workshops on grounding and more. 
You have access to the presentations through December 2024, and free offers and bonuses.
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