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Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (2020 – 2024)

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Energy Psychology Helps Veterans with PTSD


Artificial Intelligence Reads the Biofield: How Ancient Practices Meet Modern Science 


Centering with Energy Practices 


A Theory of Intuition: Here, There and Everywhere


Forgiveness as an Act of Wellbeing 


How Energy Healing Works:
Moving Between the Subtle and Physical Worlds

Healthy Tips for Disarming Difficult Situations

Grounding’s Vital Role for Wellbeing with Energy Practices

Clearing the Shadow of Gratitude

Turn Dream Resolutions into Reality with Self-Care and Energy Practices

Holiday Energy Helpers So Your Clients Can Thrive 

Developing Intuition with the Chakras

Energy Practice Burn Out: Stop it in It’s Tracks

Three Steps to Alleviate Money Guilt:
How Energy Practices Can Help

Removing Blocks to Treatment with Energy Psychology

Boost Your Kindness Quotient with Energy Practices

Using Energy Practices When Life is Like a Marathon

What to Say When You’re Tapping with Energy Psychology

Feeling Fatigued? 15 Tips to Turn Your Online Work Space into a Wellness Space 


INTO A WELLNESS SPACE” in Holistic Bliss Magazine.

New Year’s Resolutions and Self-Care
Published on the Cancer Support Community web site.

Intuition: Your Still Small Voice

Published article in Energy Magazine July/August 2016