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Learn about the science of compassion’s outcome on physical and mental health.

Discover six compassion interventions that can be combined with energy practices.

Review measures of compassion available in English and Spanish.

Discuss ethical, moral, and cultural aspects of compassion.

Includes practice. Livestream available.

Intuition, or the still small voice, speaks to us all the time, guiding us with an inner GPS. 
We just need to tune to the right station to improve our game.
Strengthen your intuitive skills by reviewing state of the art theory, 
research, and hands on practice.
Receive an intuitive guidance tool kit, skills to practice, resources,
and connection with community.
Learn for yourself, then share with others!

Intuitive skills can be developed for personal and clinical use.

Learning Objectives:

1.   Describe two ways intuitive abilities are part of human nature.

2.   Name two findings from peer reviewed research studies on intuition.

3.   List three ethical guidelines when using intuition for mind/body communication with self and others. 

The workshop is designed for the beginning to intermediate level of instruction for psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors, coaches, physicians, nurses and other helping professionals.