Developing Intuition Online Courses


2022 Classes! Inquire for dates and times, including individual lessons.

Individual consultation, private and semi-private classes are available.

 $130.00 for each 6-hour course, three meetings for two hours.

Paid by check, or Paypal (contact Dr. Hops for more information).

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Photo by Lori Hops, 2017      “Fire and Water”      

Intuition, or the still small voice, speaks to us all the time, guiding us with an inner GPS. We just need to tune to the right station to improve our game.

Strengthen your intuitive skills by reviewing state of the art theory, research, and hands on practice.

Receive an intuitive guidance tool kit, skills to practice, resources, and connection with community.

Learn for yourself, then share with others!

Click on the link to see a 12 minute video explaining how intuition can help you thrive, from Lori Hops, Ph.D., DCEP, http://drlorihops.mp4.

Levels 1-4

Level 1 The Basics introduces intuition, recognizing it in yourself, and developing keener skills of discernment. Explore blocks and obstacles to growth, so you can soar higher with your inner GPS, as you take lessons home to apply to everyday life.

Level 2 The Root of the Matter builds on the skills and knowledge of Level 1. Journey into the root of the matter, exploring the world of intuition through the lens of the root chakra (spinning wheel in Sanskrit), the base of energy for family, community and your ties to the planet.  (You must have completed Level 1 before taking Level 2).

Level 3 The Ways of Water works with intuition through the sacral chakra, water, and the center for creativity, generativity and forgiveness. (You must have completed Levels 1 and 2 before taking Level 3).

Level 4 Solar Power and Intuition explores agency, will and self-image as you make your mark on the outside world. (You must have completed Levels 1-3 before taking Level 4).

Lori Hops, Ph.D., DCEP licensed psychologist (PSY 14335), has practiced, written about and taught intuitive development to people from around the world. 

 $130.00 for each 6-hour course, three meetings for two hours.

Paid by check, or Paypal (contact Dr. Hops for more information).

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