Smile, Breathe, Laugh, Repeat by Lori Hops

Consciousness is the key to healing.

What you focus on and believe is what you create.

When you are lost in thought, worry, planning or in the past, you are not creating anything new.

Your system says, “copy, repeat, copy, repeat.”

If you like where you are, what you are being and doing, that is fine.

If you want to be different, better, healthier, you can’t “copy, repeat”. You need to create.

It is not hard.

It can be fun and easy.

Believe that it can be fun and easy.

Take a breath. Relax. That’s better. Think of when you laughed. Laugh now. Breathe now. How do you feel now? What do you notice now? What does your body tell you?

This is how easy it is. Good job!

You changed your mind, so your reality changed.

You can do this every day.

Stop. Breathe. Notice. Relax. Be in the moment. Choose what you want from here. It is your friend. Give love to you and your choices.

Smile. Breathe. Laugh. Repeat.

Try this for one minute, then 5 minutes. Smile. Breathe. Laugh. Repeat.

Los Suenos, Playa Herradura, Costa Rica. Photo by Lori Hops