Services and Fees

Once I meet with a client, we discuss the goals of treatment, determine if I am the right person to match those goals, and design a general sense of how we will proceed.  I meet with people individually, in groups of two or more with parent(s) and children, and with the whole family.  I also meet with adult couples to assist child and family goals, but do not work with couples on other issues.  If couples therapy is needed, I will assist you in finding a referral to other therapists who are trained in this specialty area of psychotherapy.

I accept payment by cash or check, and am paid directly by you.  I am not affiliated with any insurance company panels.  If you want to access your mental health insurance benefit, I can supply a “superbill”, documenting our work together which you can supply to your insurance company.  Please check your benefits carefully, as the structure of insurance coverage and reimbursement often changes.

My fee is $200.00 per hour of psychotherapy.  I can discuss a sliding scale arrangement if necessary.