Consultation for Conference Proposals and Presentations

Dr. Hops offers consultation appointments for professionals who are writing proposals, and preparing curriculum for conference workshops, lectures and courses. She has expertise guiding a project from the initial idea, to editing and polishing presentation material that is organized and engaging, to smoothly delivering content in front of an audience, and/or a camera. 

Dr.  Hops has been writing workshop and conference presentations for fifteen years, teaching in venues across the USA and abroad, to international audiences, on a wide array of topics, including the science of compassion, intuition, spirituality, energy practices, and more. Her audiences are highly complimentary of her content and style.  Her presentations have been granted continuing education (CE) units for mental health, healthcare, and counseling professionals. She has experience reviewing conference proposal applications, for the purpose of meeting CE  sponsored criteria, including those of the American Psychological Association. She also has served on quality assurance committees, reviewing completed presentations, offering suggestions for improvement and reviewing adherence to CE standards. Some of Dr. Hops’ proposals have been selected as “exemplars” of how to write a proposal, as part of the application process for conference presentations. She also has created and taught workshops and study groups over the past 12 years on topics including Developing Intuition, Energy Psychology, Mind/Body/Spirit interest groups, and ACEP Local Groups (

Each presenter and project is as unique as a fingerprint. Knowing this, Dr. Hops is able to combine technical knowledge with intuitive skills, to customize feedback and suggestions in consultation sessions. Oftentimes, what is needed is a keen ear, open mind and listening heart to translate a new idea into a successful presentation.

If you would like more  information about Dr. Hops’ consultation services, please contact her at or call her at 1-805-496-8432.